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  • All Photos are of Actual Printed Shirt
  • Style: Women’s, Medium Fit
  • Fabric: 100% Certified Organic, Ring-Spun, Combed Cotton, 120g 
  • Shirt Color: Off White
  • Print: Charcoal-Black Water-Based Ink, Distressed, Faded Print

The Tale Behind the Shirt

   Checking my reflection in a shop window, I thought, there’s no way I could show up looking like that, It looked like the stress of the entire day was smeared across my face like chunky peanut butter. Beyond my reflection, behind the shop window, something caught my eye. A pair of Groucho glasses. I went into the shop and tried them on. The shopkeeper brought over a mirror so I could see how they looked. Perfect I thought, Great diversion. “I’ll wear them out.” I told the shop-keeper.
   Walking down the street on the way to my appointment, people laughed, children pointed and heads turned. I smiled, behind those joke shop glasses, while inside I pulled my hair out in great big patches.

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