Predator Lamps

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  • All Photos are of Actual Printed Shirt
  • Style: Men’s/Unisex, Medium Fit 
  • Fabric: 100% Certified Organic, Ring-Spun, Combed Cotton, 180g 
  • Shirt Color: Off White
  • Print: Charcoal-Black Water-Based Ink, Faded Print

The Tale Behind the Shirt

   It was a normal day up until the moment I stepped outside the shopping mall. They were everywhere. Huge metallic monsters with swan-like necks hovering high above the parking lot. They appeared to be searching for targets and they had the mall completely surrounded. We were boxed in.
   I ran back in and found Arthur, from mall security. When I explained what I’d seen outside, he drew his taser and ran to the exit with me, calling for backup on his walkie-talkie as we tore through the mall.
   Arthur whipped open the door and shot his head left and right, pointing his taser wherever he looked. 
   “Where are they?” he asked
   I pointed out the first metallic monster I saw and Arthur abruptly holstered his weapon.
   “Man, that’s a street lamp.” He put his hand on my shoulder and continued, “Don’t you know kid, things ain’t always as they seem.”
   Arthur turned and walked back into the mall shaking his head and the metallic monsters turned into street lamps.

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